Candidate Services

It’s no secret that career opportunities in Houston are plentiful. With job growth above the U.S. average in several key fields, this market is attracting professionals in education, health services, and the career that is essential to them all, information technology (IT).

However, with so much work available, how can the best, most experienced IT candidates ensure that they stand out among their peers? or that their next employer will help them meet their current and future career goals?

If you’re an industry player looking for an exciting, challenging new opportunity with greater job satisfaction, higher pay or a schedule that allows you to live life with the freedom you desire, at InQuest Staffing, we want to meet you. And even better yet, so do our clients.

We are the best, most dynamic IT staffing firm serving this market, and we help qualified candidates just like you find exceptional IT jobs and career opportunities at some of Houston’s top companies. Whether you’re seeking long-term or short-term assignment, or are interested in full-time technology jobs in Houston, InQuest has a variety of Houston IT jobs available to qualified candidates.

Jumpstart your IT career with InQuest

At InQuest, we value a lasting relationship with our clients. This attitude is not just empty rhetoric, it comes through in our dedication to excellent service. Our recruiters have the expertise and resources to identify candidates with special skills and match them with exciting, growth positions in the energy, IT, oil and gas industries.

Part of the reason for our success lies in our time-tested approach: We learn take the time to learn from our clients, on both sides of the aisle.

As a new prospective candidate, our representatives look to understand your:

• Career objectives
• Current qualifications
• Desired environment
• Next step on the career ladder.

We work with employers to understand their:

• Business objectives
• Corporate culture
• Staffing needs.

Since we know the Houston area, we’ve developed relationships of trust with top employers and have invaluable expertise when it comes to ensuring satisfaction for businesses and talented employees like you.

Full-time employment

Unsatisfied with the projected growth of your current company? Or is your work culture restrictive to your lifestyle? We can assess this information and find potential matches that can improve your happiness and career outlook.

Are you a hard-working freelance IT worker looking to settle down? You’ve come to the right place. At Inquest, we understand the value of stable employment and the many advantages it can bring and we can help you achieve this goal.


Do you want the ability to travel to new and exciting job locations? Do you crave the thrill of a variety of professional challenges? If so, you may be looking to enter or remain a contract employee due to these perks.

InQuest provides this option to allow our candidates to maintain some degree of flexibility with their employment. It is a great opportunity to hone your professional skills while obtaining valuable networking opportunities.


Unsure if a job sounds too good to be true? Try our contract-to-hire placement. InQuest uses this option to place candidates with an employer on a “trial” basis, with the possibility of obtaining full-time employment.

This will allow you to see if your work style and skills lend themselves as a best fit for a potential employers and, in most cases, includes perks such as hourly pay.

Find the perfect job today

At InQuest, we know there isn’t just a better job out there for you, there’s a perfect job. And our mission is to find that for our candidates. Whether you’re passively or actively looking, we can help you better understand how to position yourself in the market and capitalize on available opportunities.

Call us today at 713-861-5400 or email a representative at to start taking that next step on your career path.