Why IT supervisors should consider becoming a project manager

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Are you prepared to take on a new challenge?

Businesses are constantly working on projects. Whether it is to update a current system or create a new platform for the organization, application developers, software engineers and project managers have a large task at hand. Unfortunately, the project management team and information technology departments don't work together as often as they should, which leads to work-related rifts, according to InformationWeek.

The technology publication recently did a study between the IT development and project managers and found that 23 percent of respondents explained that there is "outright antagonism" between the offices. If it turns out that a project falls apart, both parties are quick to point the finger at one another, saying that projects failed before the "other" department failed to do their share of the legwork.

Here is the problem with this scenario: more of today's applications and programs rely on IT and depend on project managers to get operations completed on time and under budget.

Instead of working separately as appears to be the case for many years, IT staffers should look into joining the other team or work together more. This way, fewer participants will develop successful programs that meet stakeholders satisfaction because it works with very few kinks.

Sometimes it takes working for the other side to fully understand how both departments complete tasks, even if it was for a short amount of time.

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