Why businesses are expanding their data warehouse’s capabilities

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Database warehouse developers can significantly improve how businesses operate.

Business-related tasks have become much more digital in recent years, but all of the information is just stored in data centers. However, the rise of Big Data and cyber security threats have shown that data warehouses can do more than house these electronic files. This is why more companies are looking for employees who can extract, transform and load (ETL) data.

This realm of information technology is in high demand because many organizations have not yet established a department dedicated to these specific tasks. Whether it's a mid-sized company with a growing client base or a large oil and gas business, both enterprises can benefit from a data warehouse developer. This is among many IT jobs in Houston looking for an experienced professional.

It is becoming more clear that instead of looking at financial sheets and customer service comments for business intelligence that such information is actually right under their nose—hiding in code within these data centers.

"A lot of roles in the highest demand are roles in the big data space—primarily database analysts, administrators and architects," IT Business Edge contributor wrote. "That also includes business intelligence developers, analysts, and report writers, and people in the data warehouse arena."

The direction that technology has taken means that businesses will need to significantly improve the capabilities of their data centers. Treating a massive amount of documents, transactions and contracts as an idle virtual folder will no longer cut it. As companies begin to implement flexible work options, staff members may need to open work-related documents outside of the workplace.

Data warehouse developers are responsible for simplifying these processes and many others.

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