What makes an SQL server a viable option for businesses

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Are you well-versed in today's SQL encryption?

Companies are becoming more electronic these days, but many of these databases fail to have appropriate security measures in place. Whether that is due to the Heartbleed bug flaw, lack of encryption or an outdated system, information technology departments need to do more in the 21st century to protect the company's assets.

One way to reduce the likelihood of a cyber attack is utilizing a SQL server. Recently, Information Technology Intelligence Consulting found SQL servers to be the "most secure database" on the market. Under Microsoft, this specific setup has gone through significant changes, but the goal remains the same: create a framework that is not vulnerable to hackers and malware, while increasing the efficiency of operations.

"SQL Server reportedly has the lowest number of security vulnerabilities across major database vendors," the National Institute of Standards and Technology public security board told SQL Magazine about SQL's durability.

How can SQL create such a secure network when there are so many devices? Fact is, there are a large range of SQL systems out there. Whether they derive from Microsoft's original code or IBM's DB platform, each type of SQL works from the same foundation. The challenge is finding professionals who are thoroughly experienced with RDBMS systems based on Microsoft Windows, Linux and AIX server platforms.

In cases where they are available, the professionals are with a stable firm with competitive pay. However, are these same organizations offering SQL server database administrators the room to learn SQL's latest encryption and permission capabilities? If not, there's a Houston job agency out there willing to help IT workers find a more suitable place to work.

Otherwise, this lack of research can pose a huge risk to the company and your post as the assigned administrator.

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