What are some upcoming trends in mobile development?

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Trends in the business world have been moving toward mobile application development.

Trends in the business world have been moving toward mobile application development. Employees are increasingly using their mobile devices to carry out complicated business operations and Customers seek out mobile-optimized sites for when they are seeking to learn more about a company. In response, developers need to go where the eyeballs are. That's why there are so many more career opportunities in Houston in this discipline.

A recent article on IT Business Edge predicted some upcoming mobile development trends in 2014. Anyone who is in the industry—or considering joining—ought to pay attention to how they develop.

For example, it seems that there is going to be a new focus on creative, visually attractive sites. Screens on mobile phones and tablets are much more capable than they were even a few years ago, with Apple's well-known Retina screens at the head of the pack. Users are looking for the very best in design to take advantage of them.

It is also true that mobile devices themselves are getting steadily more powerful. Apple made headlines when it announced that the iPhone 5S would have a 64-bit processor—a first for smartphones. The rest of the industry is sure to follow, meaning developers will have a lot of additional power to play with.

However, future mobile developers will not just be working on iOS and Android projects. It is becoming increasingly clear that new operating systems may soon be on the horizon. Take Mozilla's Firefox OS, which is becoming popular in emerging markets.

All told, there will likely be no shortage of opportunities for developers seeking out new mobile projects.

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