What are some skills that mobile web developers need?

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A number of career opportunities in Houston involve mobile web development.

The oil and gas drilling boom in Texas has helped to improve the economic picture for various industries all across the state. According to recent statistics compiled by the Dallas News, the state's jobless rate has fallen for five straight months thanks to strong growth.

In short, companies are growing and expanding, and, in turn, hiring. But for these trends to continue, some of those new hires are going to need to contribute.

In this rapidly-changing economy, businesses can no longer afford to remain static. They need to invest in many areas, including their all-important web presence. These days, with smartphones and tablets more popular than ever, it is the mobile web in particular that will help businesses build their brands and best advertise their work.

That's why a number of career opportunities in Houston involve mobile web development. Recently, an article on CITE World listed some of the most important skills that mobile web developers need to succeed in this exciting new business environment.

One skill is the ability to use Java. Anyone who is working on native Android apps should know Java, specifically what is used for mobile. 

"It's not a full version of Java but a subset that Google adopted," Dice.com president Shravan Goli told the news source. 
There are a couple different frameworks, but anyone who knows Java can easily adapt themselves to building applications for Android."

This is particularly important, given that smartphones running the Android operating system make up the majority of the marketplace. No growing business can afford to ignore this area.

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