What are some of the best opportunities for mobile developers?

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Given the recent growth in the tech sector, there are plenty of chances to keep an eye open for new and better opportunities.

Do you wish you could make more money? Doesn't everyone? You might be perfectly satisfied with your career, but satisfaction can only go so far toward paying the bills, sending the kids to college or funding your retirement. 

Luckily, given the recent growth in the tech sector, there are plenty of chances to keep an eye open for new and better opportunities. There are a number of career opportunities in Houston, for example, that might pay more than your current salary. Plus, Texas has a reasonably low cost of living when compared to the rest of the country—your dollar will go further?.

But before you start hunting through Texas real estate, lets take a look at some recent salary projections posted by Business Insider,

According to the article, workers in the IT industry can expect raises in the coming year. For example, mobile developers are expected to earn between $100,000 to $144,000 in 2014, which is 7.8 percent larger than during the previous year.

Individuals with mobile development skills should not only expect to make a decent living in the IT industry. Marketing companies also have a need for creative mobile designers and can pay decent salaries. In fact, the news source estimated that this industry will experience a 3.3 percent salary increase.

What sort of companies need mobile designers?

Okay, so the salary levels are looking good. But what kind of companies might be looking for mobile designers? Given how widespread smartphones and tablets are these days, the answer is rather broad.

Right now, even the fast food industry is looking to make mobile apps work for their business model. Taco Bell, for example, plans to introduce an app that will make it easier for customers to order food and make payments on their mobile devices. They will even be able to do so from home and pick up the order when it is ready.

Of course, other industries are looking to develop mobile apps for more complicated uses. In Texas, the big focus is on the oil and gas industry, which needs nimble computing solutions for its operations. Those who have experience with a variety of common coding languages might be able to develop the next big piece of software for the industry.

Given the opportunities out there, it never hurts to look.

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