To become an app developer, first choose a platform

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How does one become an app developer? That's an important question.

So you've got some computer programming experience. Maybe it's given you a decently satisfying career, one that you wouldn't give up for just anything.

And yet, it is hard to resist the pull of the app development world. Surely, you've heard the success stories, the developers who have gotten rich off of one great idea that got millions of downloads. Of course, the competition has gotten fierce.

"At this point you better know what you're doing if you want to put a big bet on the table, because you are playing against the people who have survived," Philip Ryu, chief executive of app maker Impending, told the New York Times last year.

But that's not all. Countless businesses have shown an interest in developing their own apps to offer their customers better service. This has led to a growth in IT jobs in Houston, as well as tech jobs in other industries.

So how does one become an app developer? That's an important question.

First, it helps to choose a platform. Apps developed for Apple's iOS operating system are written in the Objective-C language, and it helps to learn systems like Cocoa Touch. For that matter, it also helps to have a Mac.

On the other hand, apps for Google's Android operating system are written in Java. Previously, this blog has featured posts about why this language is useful to use, and this is one of the major reasons.

Learn either of these skills, and you are already well on your way to creating unique apps.

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