Tips for working with SQL servers

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When seeking IT jobs in Houston, skills with Standard Query Language (SQL) are always useful.

There are a number of open IT jobs in Houston, as anyone who has scanned the local listings can tell you. It is also the case that there are many more available jobs that have not yet been listed.

As this blog has written previously, many of these jobs require employees to handle complex databases. As a result, skills with Standard Query Language (SQL) are always useful.

There are a number of available resources for those who are already in this field and seeking to improve their skills, as well as those who wish to make the move. For example, in a recent post on SQL Server Pro Magazine, contributor Thomas LaRock suggests some things to avoid when virtualizing an SQL server.

First, he advises readers to make realistic performance expectations when using the server. He notes that some pieces of hardware offer the same performance as current servers, not better. Without taking the time to get to know exactly what their current performance is like, readers will have little ability to judge new hardware.

"When you're doing your baselining for performance, don't focus solely on duration of queries as the only indicator," he writes. "You'll also want to measure the logical I/O and CPU costs for the queries. If you're going to try to squeeze as much performance out of your hosts as possible, you're going to want to be able to quickly identify those queries consuming the most CPU and memory and tune them first."

LaRock's article contains many more tips, such as how to properly allocate memory and CPU resources. They are useful for anyone seeking to fill an IT job in Houston.

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