Survey: Cyber security professionals value ‘interesting, challenging work’ over ‘high salary and benefits’

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A recent survey reveals interesting insights into the minds of cyber security professionals.

A recent survey released by Semper Secure, a Virginia-based organization whose mission is to educate, engage and promote all aspects of cyber security, reveals valuable insights into the mind of professionals in this growing, lucrative field. 

Here are some of the key findings: 
• 22 percent of cyber security professionals indicated that the next step in their career is to take on more difficult challenges 
• 44 percent of cyber security professionals responded that it is important for their employer to have a reputation for integrity
• 56 percent of cyber security professionals said that "interesting, challenging work" is what draws them to this career, while only 25 percent cited "high salary and benefits"
• Cyber security professionals make an average annual salary of $116,000
• The main reason that cyber security professionals change jobs is because they find a new position with greater growth opportunity.

"The Cyber Security Census paints a very different picture of cyber-security professionals," Lee Vorthman, chief technology officer for NetApp, a company that sponsored the survey, said in a statement. "These people aren't jumping from job to job looking for salary bumps and signing bonuses. Many of them want to work for federal agencies, and most of them tend to stick with employers for the long term. For companies, that means they better get them early or risk not getting them at all." 

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