SQL skills are useful in the Houston job market

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Employers all over Houston demand workers who can handle their increasingly complex databases.

Job growth in Houston is still increasing at a steady pace, despite some predictions that it would experience a slowdown. During the past 12 months, the Houston Chronicle reports that employers in the city have added nearly 100,000 jobs—a 3.6 percent increase over last year's numbers. This growth has helped the local unemployment rate fall to 6.5 percent, compared to the national rate of 7.3 percent.

As a result, employers all over the city demand workers who can handle their increasingly complex databases. Since Standard Query Language (SQL) is widely used, those who understand it will find that they have many prospects for IT jobs in Houston.

In fact, according to an article in Computer Week, "SQL perennially tops the Computer Weekly/SSL Survey of Appointments Data and Trends as the IT skill most sought-after by employers." While the fundamentals of the language can be learned through a multi-day course, the article notes that many employers seek at least two years of experience.

In a recent blog post, SQL server consultant John Sansom writes that many SQL Server Database Administrators (DBA's) begin their careers in different disciplines. He calls them "accidental DBA's," and he argues that excellent Junior SQL Server DBAs do not need to worry as much about their experience with SQL servers.

"You see the Accidental DBA will often be self-taught and so although more experienced than perhaps you are currently, they have acquired their knowledge of SQL Server[s] the hard way," he writes. "The very same knowledge can be passed on to a newly hired Junior DBA by an experienced mentor in a fraction of the time." 

In short, those with all kids of backgrounds can find success in this career area.

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