Should developers focus on native mobile apps or HTML5?

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Is it better to design a mobile app or focus on an HTML5-optimized website?

It has been several years since smartphones first exploded in popularity and changed the way we think about this internet. No longer are websites designed solely for desktop computers—now, web designers refer to their efforts as "mobile first."

Still, that way of thinking leads to the need to make some important decisions. First and foremost, web designers must ask themselves whether they should focus on an HTML5 or native mobile app framework.

While some organizations have the resources to excel at both, this is not true for everyone. Often it is better to focus on one area and leave the other for another time.

So, is it better to design a mobile app or focus on an HTML5-optimized website?

According to a recent article on Infoworld, mobile apps still have the edge. The article cites a Forrester research paper, which argues that while HTML5 is often better suited for the various screen sizes that can be found in the mobile world, it is far from perfect. In fact, the report's survey found that at least 59 percent of the time, apps that were developed using HTML5 took longer than native apps. Instead of adding useful new features, developers found that they spent a greater amount of their time fixing bugs and other issues.

In the business world, online engagement is crucial, and many companies have investigated mobile apps as a possible solution. This has led to the creation of a number of technology jobs in Texas. As companies seek to answer the question of which style of app is right for them, they will need skilled developers to help them finish the job.

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