users required to reset passwords following security breach

Posted by & filed under General, News. required its customers to reset their passwords following a security breach., a popular domain registrar, announced in an email on Wednesday, May 8, that it had suffered a security breach, and required that its customers reset their account passwords as a result. 

According to PCWorld, usernames, email addresses encrypted passwords and even encrypted credit card information may have been accessed in the cyber attack, although the company stated in its message that it is unlikely that credit card numbers were obtained in a usable format. 

Customers and security experts voiced concerns over the instructions in the alert email sent, which indicated that users should click a link in order to reset their passwords. They explained that this is a tactic often used in phishing attacks. 

"The problem with encouraging people to click email-borne links (which could have come from anywhere, or could point to anywhere) for anything relating to logging in or password reset is this: It softens them up to email links that end up at 'enter your password' dialogs," Paul Ducklin, a security researcher, wrote in a blog post. "That plays into the hands of phishers, so please don't do it."

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