Java developers are in high demand, yet hard to find

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The role of a Java developer has never been an easy one to fill.

The role of a Java developer has never been an easy one to fill. Last year, conducted a survey to prove it.

The survey, which polled 866 hiring managers and recruiters that focus on technology, asked which jobs were the most difficult to find qualified candidates for. The answer was clearly Java developers, followed by .Net developers.

The survey also sought to learn which sort of skills and experience recruiters expect when they search for new hires.

"Asked for experience preference, corporate hiring managers most frequently say IT pros with two to five years in the workforce, followed by those with six to 10 years [of] experience," Alice Hill, managing director at, told Network World. "Competition is fierce when companies are all chasing the same talent, making positions hard to fill."

Those who wish to pursue a career in Java development or some of the other hard-to‚Äč-fill positions should take this information to heart. 

Those who do not have the required years of Java experience should focus on getting it. This can be done in one of two ways. Job searchers can find work as a low-level programmer at an entry level job and work their way up in the traditional manner until they are ready to branch out in the field. They can also join an open-source Java project or, better yet, start one of their own. There are few better ways to gain experience than actually doing something.

Meanwhile, a Houston IT staffing agency is always looking for skilled developers who can fill open jobs.

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