IT certification: An important step to getting ahead

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There are many career opportunities in Houston that involve IT skills.

There are many career opportunities in Houston that involve IT skills. This is due to the city's growing economy, which is not expected to slow down any time soon. According to a recent article on the Houston Chronicle, for example, Fred Welch, vice president of regional economic development for the Greater Houston Partnership, predicts that 2014 will see strong job growth.

"Our job forecast is down slightly from 2013 to slightly under 70,000 net new jobs in the region vs. 76,000 in 2013, but it still points to a strong local economy driven by our pillars of strength in energy, logistics and manufacturing," he told the news source.

However, just because there is job growth does not mean there will not be competition for certain spots. To qualify, IT professionals should earn certifications that will help them develop important skills and stand out from other applicants.

A recent article on Information Week listed some helpful certifications that might give job seekers an edge. One is the VMware VCP-Cloud certification. Though new, this is an important one, as it deals with cloud computing, which is a rapidly-growing area in IT. Businesses that are interested in software as a service (SaaS) or disaster recovery certainly have a need for employees with these skills.

The Oracle Certified Professional Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certification is also helpful, especially for those who want to be professional database developers. These are high-paying, rewarding jobs that can net six figures if you join the right company.

There are plenty more certification programs out there, and they are worth checking out if you want to add additional skills to your repertoire. 

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