IT career spotlight: The database architect

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Database architects are responsible for the huge flow of data that companies possess, including financial statements, business forecasts and client records.

In the 21st century information technology (IT) industry, data management is essential to the success of any business. The sheer amount of information that a company possesses and utilizes – software coding, employee records, financial projections and just about anything else – requires a system for storage. Overseeing these individual networks are the database architects, professionals who are charged with creating and managing this vast flow information.

Security optimization is one of the most important functions of a database architect. Many companies possess sensitive economic information that could be potentially damaging if released or stolen. Therefore, in addition to making sure that the database is running efficiently, architects have to develop and implement protective protocols.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the base educational requirements for this kind of position include a bachelor's degree in computer science with a specialization in information systems design. Specialized certifications that relate to database management and creation are also helpful, though practical experience in the field is just as useful.

Due to the importance of this type of position, database architect candidates can expect to find good benefits and pay in the field. The BLS states that, as of 2010, the average take home pay for this job is $75,000, which is roughly $37 per hour.

Database architects, because of the nature of their responsibilities are a highly sought-after position. Those in the IT industry who are thinking of a career shift might want to consider this field if they aren't entirely satisfied with their current job. An opportunity like that comes with the possibility of moving to a new area. Texas, for instance, has a vibrant IT community that is centered in cities like Austin and Houston.

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