Infographic shows rise in U.S. data breaches since 2004

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A new infographic shows the rise in data breaches over the past nine years.

It's no secret that cybercrime in the United States has increased over the past decade as Americans begin relying more on the internet and technology in both their professional and personal lives. With this in mind, a new infographic created and published by Information is Beautiful gives people the opportunity to truly visualize the rise in data breaches throughout the last nine years. 

"Pretty much any article about a hack you might read includes some mention of how 'cyberattacks are growing,' and 'the amount of hacks have increased in the last X amount of years,'" states VentureBeat. "This graphic gives those call-outs merit, but also highlights some of the internal mistakes companies have made that let regular folks accidentally leak out data." 

The infographic can be broken down by year, method of leak, number of records stolen and data sensitivity, providing a comprehensive look at which companies have been targeted the most since 2004 and how certain oversights can be avoided going forward. 

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