HTML5 gaining ground among developers

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Popular development platforms are always changing.

Popular development platforms are always changing. Once, Windows PCs utterly dominated the market, and designing applications for anything else seemed like a waste of time. Now, however, Microsoft appears to have lost significant ground? in the PC market to tablets, which generally run operating systems made by Apple or Google.

Since the playing field is never static, it is crucial for developers to be constantly working to update their skills while staying familiar with the latest technology.

Recently, HTML5 has been gaining significant ground. According to an article on InfoWorld, many application developers have been favoring it over the Windows platform.

A recent survey in the article found that among 2,128 business application developers, more than 70 percent said that they tried to do more with the language in 2013 than in previous years. In addition, 75 percent say that they will do even more with HTML5 in 2014.

"We're seeing more enthusiasm for HTML5 and more HTML5 feature usage than we have in previous surveys," Michael Mullany, Sencha CEO, told the news source. His company provides HTML5 tools to developers.

That's because there are a number of advantages to using HTML5, including increased functionality and better form. The language also works great on mobile devices, and with more and more people using those to browse the internet, it is worth focusing on.

A number of Houston IT jobs have arisen as growing companies seek out qualified personnel with HTML5 skills to design their websites and applications. For the time being, this seems to be a growing trend.

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