How to handle a tough job interview question

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Getting an IT job in Houston will not necessarily be easy.

There is no shortage of IT jobs in Houston. According to a recent article in Your Houston News, the metro area is expected to create almost 70,000 in 2014.

"[S]everal factors will drive job growth in 2014," Patrick Jankowski, vice president of research at the Greater Houston Partnership, told the news source. "The ramp up in construction at area chemical plants, the backlog of projects at local engineering firms, growing consumer confidence, and sustained population and income growth. A pickup in U.S. economic growth would further stimulate Houston's economy."

Of course, despite this positive news, getting an IT job in Houston will not necessarily be easy. You still need to nail the interview and prove that you have the skills needed to be hired.

In her recent ebook, job search trainer Peggy McKee featured a list of 50 of the toughest job interview questions that can derail your attempts to land the position of your choice.

Here's one that more people are hearing a lot these days: "Are you overqualified for this job?" Given how hard the recession hit some areas, it is no surprise that many laid-off workers are applying for less prestigious jobs than what they had before. It is important, however, not to come across as desperate.

Instead, McKee advises applicants to emphasize all of the reasons why your qualifications would be good for the company. In addition, it is also important to mention the reasons why the position is important—like, for example, an easier commute.

Learn how to perform well in an interview, and a Houston staffing agency will help with the rest.

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