How graphic application engineers can keep up in a multi-device world

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Has your employer given you the tools to improve their HTML5 platform?

Today's consumer may use multiple devices to access the internet and that means it is more important to use a code that is flexible to work across these unique platforms. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to do so, as websites on a desktop computer aren't as viewer-friendly as it would be on their smartphone.

ClickZ contributor McNeal Maddox talks about this challenge and recommends that organizations utilize an HTML5-based interface because it is more widely recognized, while saving resources on developing native mobile applications. Application development is a challenge in itself, according to Maddox.

"The need to design strictly for native apps is disappearing faster than expected," he wrote. "Cross-platform compatibility and widely accepted standards will make Web apps more attractive to both developers and advertisers, as HTML5-based mobile experiences become more common."

HTML5 continues to change to meet today's use of graphics and mobile usage, but many developers are struggling to keep up with these adjustments, on top of understanding many other languages, according to InfoWorld. The news source cited findings from an IDC study that found that HTML5 is becoming increasingly valuable, but there aren't enough "advanced developer skills to support the full application development process."

In a world where infographics, 3D images and video provide a vast amount of information to the consumer, businesses rely on graphic application developers to make these visuals for customers, stakeholders and employees. Demand continues to rise across the country, where developers have to convert Silverlight and older versions of HTML5, there are multitude of Houston IT jobs out there.

Graphic application developers who have programmed files in OpenGL and have 3D math skills should look into this career opportunity in Houston.

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