How COGNOS and Big Data intersect

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Data is aggregated daily, but businesses are unsure how to manage these tidbits.

Businesses can't ignore the value of Big Data anymore. The rampant use of social media, customer relationship management programs and data centers have made it easier for organizations to aggregate information on customers. In the past, these insights were found if a survey was filled out, but with predictive analytics and Big Data, these details can be gathered nearly immediately.

A customer's interests can be found in past purchases, items that are stored in their shopping carts or search history, but a lot of these tidbits are unstructured, according to IBM. The technology company has heavily invested in Big Data in recent years, as it has helped them stay relevant in the 21st century.

"We are helping clients tackle these big data challenges in virtually every industry – from public safety to healthcare, retail, automotive, telecommunications, and everything in between,"  Bob Picciano, senior VP of IBM's Information and Analytics Group, told Forbes Magazine.

Now that every other business is trying to play catch up, they are struggling to find candidates who have experience in database concepts, SQL and COGNOS development. In fact, IBM had to find workers who didn't come from traditional data backgrounds to develop quality data officers.

Professionals who have managed budgets and developed business models to support the rise of technology are becoming increasingly valuable, if they know how to manage COGNOS, even better.

Earlier this month, Hays Quarterly Hotspots released the most popular positions for this quarter and COGNOS developers were on the list because it is considered "a niche skill set." Picciano also noted that about 80 percent of data around the world is unstructured, so companies are looking for someone who can input these metrics into a system at ease.

Even the profitable oil and gas sector is looking for a COGNOS developer. As the United States becomes a larger oil producer, especially in the Gulf Coast, these businesses will need to have a stronger understanding about their clients and competition. Tech savvy workers looking to apply their skills elsewhere should look into these energy jobs in Houston

Wanted to work alongside senior management? This specific position requires candidates to pitch solutions and ideas to supervisors on a regular basis. 

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