How can sales representatives use their skills in other areas

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Inquest Staffing is looking for an IT Staffing Sales Representative.

Sales representatives can be found in an array of industries, but in the information technology sector, there is more demand than supply. Professionals who are looking to get involved in this exciting industry may want to consider becoming an IT staffing sales representative. This especially applies to those who have first-hand practice "generating business opportunities by identifying IT job openings."

Across the country, the unemployment rate for sales representatives is well below the national average, and could get even smaller, as it has been identified as the 19th best job within the business sector in the United States, according to data from U.S. News and World Report.

These professionals can be found within any age group because some companies only require a high school diploma or equivalent. Combine that with years of experience, and one can be extremely good at the craft early in his or her career. In a robust market like IT, companies are looking for knowledgeable workers to sell their brand.

The IT sector is booming because the startup culture is driven by this market. It can be found in Texas, California, Florida, New York and Massachusetts.

Are you a sales representative looking to change things up or want to enter the Houston IT staffing arena? 

Inquest Staffing is seeking to fill a number of IT jobs in the Houston area, such as an IT Staffing Sales Representative. We're here to match candidates with exciting new positions as they develop their careers.

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