How can I tell if a job interview went well?

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If you're at an interview and the hiring manager wants to introduce you to other members of the team, this is typically a good sign.

No matter how confident you are about finding a new job, the fact remains that interviews are nerve-wracking for even the most skilled and competent professionals. Although it can be difficult to read a hiring manager's mannerisms in order to determine how well you did, the following clues indicate that your interview was successful: 

You were introduced to members of the team - When a hiring manager feels that you're a good fit for the company, he or she may want to have you meet the people you'd be working with.

Your interview took longer than you expected - "[This] means that the employer really [wanted] to hear what you had to say," states, an online career network. "Even if you don't end up getting a job offer, you can feel confident that the employer was at least interested and had seriously considered you for the job."

You've been asked for references – If the hiring manager wasn't impressed by you in the initial interview, he or she wouldn't be interested in learning more about you. 

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