Health care data poses huge security risks, experts warn

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According to reports, more has to be done to protect health IT networks from potential cyber attacks.

In the age of Big Data, there are few industries with more sensitive information in their systems than the health care sector. This immense amount of data relates to a variety of important and private matters, namely health records, medication prescriptions and, of course, personal financial read-outs. With the advent of all-digital medical databases, some information technology (IT) experts are suggesting that hospitals and private health companies are at a heightened risk of having their computer networks attacked by cyber criminals.

Wired Magazine's Daniela Hernandez explored this subject earlier this month, suggesting that health IT has a lot of catching up to do if the industry hopes to protect its customers' private information. She interviewed Eugene Vasserman, a computer security researcher, who argued that people need to realize the inherent dangers in the system currently in place.

"It's small bits and pieces that are possibly unrelated," Vasserman told the source. "But a sophisticated hacker could put two and two together…Our health data is going to be breached and people either don't realize or they don't associate these services with health data."

The Institute of Health Technology Transformation, a nonprofit trade group, released a report this month that suggested that the inherent security risks in the medical care industry could expose hospitals to potential litigation if they do not take steps to improve their protective measures, including hiring more IT workers to implement sensible and effective policies.

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