Has Facebook Paper changed mobile app design?

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Facebook's new mobile app, Paper, may have changed mobile design forever.

Facebook's mobile app is nearly ubiquitous on smartphones and tablets. It is almost impossible to find someone who has a Facebook profile and a mobile device but does not use the two of them together. 

At the same time, no one is handing Facebook design awards for its app. Though it is certainly utilitarian to some degree, it is not particularly stylish and at times seems to lack a cohesive vision for what it wants to be.

But that might not matter anymore. It is possible that Facebook has already changed the nature of the game with its most recent app, Paper.

Paper, for all intents and purposes, is another Facebook app. But it is wildly different from the app we've all gotten used to. Released in January, it is designed to be viewed like a slideshow. Everything your friends post appears as a small virtual card, which you can swipe through at your leisure. Nearly all of Facebook's functionality is there—but in a much nicer package.

According to an article on Wired, Paper was created through the use of a design tool called Origami, which makes it significantly easier to create prototypes of mobile apps. This allows for a longer period of testing, resulting in better overall design.

Origami was built off one of Apple's computer graphics programs, but given the success of Paper it stands to reason that it could soon lead to design options for other operating systems. For mobile designers who are seeking career opportunities in Houston in this field, this is something worth keeping an eye on.

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