DOE confirms data breach targeting 14,000 employees

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The U.S. Department of Energy recently confirmed that hackers had compromised confidential information belonging to upwards of 14,000 employees.

On Wednesday, August 14, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sent an email to its employees alerting them that hackers may have gained access to some of their personal information. 

"The Department of Energy has confirmed a recent cyber incident that occurred at the end of July and resulted in the unauthorized disclosure of federal employee Personally Identifiable Information (PII) [...] The Department's Cybersecurity office, the Office of Health, Safety and Security and the Inspector General's office are working with other federal law enforcement to obtain information concerning the nature of the incident," reads the email, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. 

According to the source, it is likely that the data breach affected upwards of 14,000 employees. Although the DOE did not release specific details about the information that was compromised, IT security resource SC Magazine states that PII usually consists of names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and medical records. 

The DOE confirmed in its email that the hackers did not target any classified data and added that once it concludes its investigation into the attack, it will notify employees of a remediation plan. 

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