Cyber Aces competition identifies and trains next generation of cybersecurity workers

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A new series of competitions aims to identify and educate the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

Information technology (IT) professionals hoping to build their career in a growing specialty where job opportunities currently outnumber qualified individuals should look no further than cybersecurity. According to digital news website Mashable, this is a rapidly evolving section of the IT industry that offers people a well-paying salary and steady, long-term employment.  

In order to train the next generation of these experts, an organization called Cyber Aces has launched a series of competitions that targets people who have the necessary skills to become successful in this field. Participants – who include high school and college students as well as Ph.D. recipients – are invited to partake in contests for the chance to receive a $25,000 scholarship to put toward cybersecurity training through prestigious institutions. 

Individuals who have partaken in Cyber Aces' pilot program told Mashable that it was a positive experience for them.

"I thought it was great," said 55-year-old Jack Radigan, who recently won a competition in New Jersey. "I honestly had no expectation of what I was going to do here. I had a career in technology. I've never done any penetration testing, but I have a good bit of Unix knowledge, which served me well. I am totally jazzed about something like this. This is what we need: to give a forum for people to demonstrate their skills and ability."

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