Changes in Android market may facilitate mobile development

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There have been some recent changes in the market fir Android phones—some small, some large, but all influential.

There have been some recent changes in the market  for Android phones—some small, some large, but all influential.

First, as many readers may know, Samsung has recently released the Galaxy S5, its latest flagship phone. With a 5.1 inch AMOLED display, a 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and the ability to support up to 128GB of storage space via a microSD slot, this latest phone is a powerful entry in Samsung's lineup. 

As the Galaxy series has always been known for its sharp displays, it is clear that this main feature, along with the powerful internals, will make the S5 a popular phone and one with which Android mobile developers will want to work and push boundaries.

The second change has to do with Google's mobile operating system. The company has released many versions of Android, most recently KitKat. However, it has historically had difficulty getting smartphone makers and service carriers to support timely upgrades. The result has been a fragmented Android ecosystem that leaves many phones running completely different versions of Android.

Google hopes to change that with a recent announcement. According to Digital Trends, the company has leaked a memo that is ordering its partners to stop releasing phones with earlier versions of Android. Those that do not have KitKat installed may not have access to popular apps like Maps, Hangouts and Google Now.

This may be a pain for smartphone makers, but it will be a boon for developers who want to create applications for the largest possible audience without worrying about multiple software versions.

The rise in mobile phone usage has transformed the economy and led to a number of new job openings, including quite a few Houston IT jobs. Those who are interested in making the jump to mobile development should know that conditions are increasingly in their favor.

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