Before entering the mobile market, be aware of some common mistakes

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Thinking of breaking into the field of mobile app design? You certainly aren't alone.

Thinking of breaking into the field of mobile app design? You certainly aren't alone. The market has been growing rapidly during the past several years. According to a post on Markets and Markets, the total global market for mobile apps is expected to be worth $25 billion by 2015. That's a far cry from its 2012 value of $6.8 billion.

If you have any experience in coding or web design, you can probably transfer those skills to the mobile field. Certainly, given the number of career opportunities in Houston and other parts of the country concerning mobile, this could turn out to be a fulfilling and ultimately lucrative move.

But it isn't always that easy. The process of developing an app can be rife with potential pitfalls. If you're going to be successful, it is important to avoid some of the most common mistakes, as pointed out by a recent article on Mashable.

"Developing a functioning and enjoyable mobile app requires discipline and practicality," the article reads. "If you don't tend to the nuts and bolts of production, you're putting yourself at risk for disaster."

First, make sure you don't start without a plan. Specifically, formulate a flowmap that lays out a logical command structure for the app. It's not easy to create a truly user-friendly app, and its even harder if you don't have the basic structure in front of you.

Second, keep an eye on your resolution. Presumably, people will be using your app on devices of many different sizes. Even Apple, which maintains a relatively sparse product line, still has at least two different sizes for the iPhone and iPad, respectively. You need to design for the highest resolution possible and only then scale down. Don't do it the other way around—you'll just end up with an app that fails to take advantage of high-quality screens.

Third, be aware of your development budget. It might not seem like a pocket-sized program will cost a lot of money to create, but it happens all the time. Sometimes, simple features can end up costing much more than anticipated. Keep a close eye on your budget and make sure that you aren't left with empty pockets and a half-finished app.

Your forays in the app development field could certainly lead to a new career if you demonstrate your skills.

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