Infographic: Affordable City Living

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Many U.S. cities have a significant number of IT jobs that have to be filled. How are job seekers supposed to decide where they should look?

Obviously, there are a number of factors one considers before deciding where to move. But for most people, salary and benefits are at the top of the list, and the jobs that pay the most will see the largest number of applicants.

Many job seekers will dedicate part of their search to determining which cities offer the highest-paying jobs. But is that the only way to estimate future compensation? As it turns out, figuring out your quality of life in a particular city is much more difficult than simply comparing salaries.

For example, IT jobs pay a high wage in California, where the average worker can expect to make $91,810. Those who prefer the east coast can do about as well in Massachusetts, where the average IT salary is $90,750.

Compare that to Texas. Although there are a number of Houston IT jobs, they only pay an average of $78,510.

Given that discrepancy, the choice should be a no-brainer, right?

Not if you consider the cost of living. Both California and Massachusetts are extremely expensive. Average rents for one bedroom apartments in San Francisco are $2,475 per month, while Boston rents can reach nearly $2,000. In Houston, however, one bedroom apartments can be had for only $1,275 per month on average.

It’s not just housing prices. When it comes to food and entertainment, costs in Houston can’t be beat. Even the beer is cheaper: while IT professionals in Boston and San Francisco need to pay at least $5 per drink, workers in Houston can crack open a cold one for $2.75.

Keep that in mind when you work with a Houston IT staffing agency to find your next job.


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