A wealth of software development opportunities await skilled individuals

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In the world of software development, there is always room to grow and change.

In the world of software development, there is always room to grow and change. You may think that you are perfectly satisfied with your current career, only to find that there is another opportunity out there that looks even more attractive. With a wealth of job opportunities emerging in many areas—such as a number of technology jobs in Houston—wise developers work hard, but always keep their eye on their other options.

Of course, this require developers to constantly brush up on their most relevant skills. Here are some predictions for the near future of software development, according to CyberCoders.

Look for open source software to become a bigger deal than ever before. True, it isn't a new concept—just ask anyone who regularly uses the Mozilla Firefox browser—but larger, more established companies are quickly realizing the benefits of developing software without having to worry about licensing.

In addition, open source software allows for the possibility of a large community checking for bugs and other problems.

"Most smart companies are leveraging it more and more," CyberCoders Senior Software Engineer Cole Chamberlain said. "So OSS may have 1,000 engineers looking at code and making contributions whereas closed source could be a handful of people."

Developers should also keep an eye on the trends that govern e-commerce. As more companies explore ways to utilize the data they gather through online purchases in order to improve their advertising, they will need skilled developers to help in that effort.

In short, there are a number of opportunities for developers looking for a change of pace—provided that they keep looking.

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