About Us

The Houston job market is roaring back from the recession, and it isn’t simply producing jobs. The expansion in Houston’s oil, natural gas and healthcare industries is creating growth positions in this exciting city that can put those with information technology (IT) experience on the path to career stability, lucrative salaries and even a corner office.

Still, navigating the Houston job market and its many available opportunities can be challenging, especially for professionals who are content with their current position.

At InQuest Staffing, we are one of the top IT staffing companies in the area, and we want to work with exceptional candidates in greater Houston. In a city filled with opportunity, we can provide you with exciting chances to take that next step up the career ladder.

Secure top full-time, contract and contract-to-hire positions

According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment increased by 3.3 percent in Houston from June 2011 to June 2012, growth that was larger than those seen in other metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Dallas and New York. And this growth wasn’t just in full-time jobs.

With so much movement in the current market, working arrangements can now be flexibly altered to suit the needs of qualified applicants. As such, those who want to find contract and contract-to-hire work have more opportunities to do so, provided they know how to capture the attention of these top employers.

Be rewarded for your specialized skills

At InQuest, we exclusively service the IT market. This means that no matter your area of expertise, we use our position as a top Houston staffing agency to place you in a role that helps you leverage this knowledge to obtain new skills or benefits.

We specialize in placing professionals who currently work as or want to work as:

• Database architects and administrators.

• ERP developers and implementers.

• Network engineers and administrators.

• Software developers and analysts.

Building a relationship with InQuest

At InQuest, we treat both the employer and the candidate as our clients. By taking this approach, we’re able to forge valuable partnerships between industry professionals with like-minded goals.

Our strengths include the ability to:

• Offer the services of tenured professionals

• Share industry knowledge with job seekers such as resume and interview tips

• Understand and navigate Houston’s fast growing IT market.

To find out more about how InQuest can help you advance, contact our offices at 713-861-5400 or submit an inquiry form online today.