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Interview tips: Schedule your interview in the morning

A new study suggests that scheduling an interview earlier in the day means you will be evaluated more objectively.

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According to Psychology Today, researchers Uri Simonsohn and Francesca Gino published a piece in the February 2013 issue of Psychological Science that reveals that the time of day during which person schedules an interview could have an affect on how he or she is ranked by the hiring manager.

What’s going on in Houston this Memorial Day weekend?

The Houston Astros take on the Oakland A's this Sunday at Minute Maid Park.

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The abundance of career opportunities in Houston is just one of the many things that make this gorgeous, exciting Lone Star State city such an ideal place to take up residence. In addition to its healthy economy, Houston has a lot to offer both kids and adults when it comes to arts, cuisine, music and entertainment.

How can I stay calm during a job interview?

Job interviews can be stressful if you don't come prepared.

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Attending a job interview should be exciting, as it means that you are one step closer to where you are hoping to be on your career path, but for many people, the high-pressure nature of the situation causes them to feel anxious and their body to react accordingly.

International cybercriminal ​charged in a 23-count indictment

Hamza Bendelladj has been extradited from Thailand to the United States, where he faces 23 charges related to his alleged cyber crimes.

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In a May 3 statement, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that Hamza Bendelladj, an Algerian man suspected for his involvement in creating, controlling and distributing a harmful computer virus known as SpyEye, was extradited from Thailand to the United States, where he faces nearly two dozen charges for his alleged crimes.

Tornadoes not expected to effect Houston’s energy industry

The recent onslaught of tornadoes aren't expected to have an impact on Houston's energy business.

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After an onslaught of tornadoes hit Texas and other surrounding states including Oklahoma, which has borne the brunt of the damage, some people in the Lone Star State’s business community may be wondering if the destruction brought on by the twisters will have an effect on the oil and gas companies that make up a large part of the area’s economy.